Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Testing Laboratory Importance in the Current Industry


Understanding the Standards of Medical Marijuana, CBD & Hemp Product Testing

While marijuana and its derivatives such as CBD and Hemp are still classified as a Schedule I drug by the federal government, over 40 states have legalized it either for medicinal or recreational purposes. As this industry grows and adds more states, it is in need of oversight and quality control. Unfortunately, without federal guidelines to regulate the burgeoning field, growers and producers of cannabis and hemp may not establish the same practices or standards. States have stepped in to fill this role and may require independent cannabis and hemp testing labs to determine safety and quality for consumer protection. What are these labs testing for, and how are the standards set? This blog can explain a bit more about cannabis and hemp testing and why it matters to all parties involved. 

A Little History

Before states stepped up to create standards and before the Federal Gov. passed the 2018 Farm Bill, growers and producers were left to their own to figure things out. Without any government agency to oversee the products, consumers had no way to know if they were getting what they paid for, nor did they have any way to know if their medical marijuana was safe. State legislatures recognized the need for these standards not just to regulate the strength of the products for legal reasons but also to control risk to public health. These standards may vary from state to state, but as the industry continues to grow, testing can gain importance so that consumers can make informed decisions.

Looking For Consistency

Cannabis and CBD/Hemp testing labs may use a different cannabis test protocol, but they are typically looking for the same things. Content is an important place to start to determine the ratio of THC to CBD in each strain. Some providers may charge a premium for higher THC concentrations, so if consumers are paying more, they should trust that each product is what it is supposed to be. Other tests may look at overall composition, including terpenes and other ingredients related to dosing. Tazo Farms & Ganjika products are consistently batch tested at multiple trusted, independent laboratories to ensure constant quality control in all products. 

In addition to potency and composition, labs may also determine the presence of chemical residues, heavy metals, pesticides, and even microorganisms to ensure the goods are safe for the public, much like the FDA or USDA oversees food and drug safety. Cannabis related products should never do more harm than good, and without independent testing, some products could pose a health risk for consumers. 

The Gold Standard of Quality

Tazo Farms & Ganjika are fully dedicated to quality assurance in ALL CBD and Hemp products. Through state of the art testing, we aim to stay one step ahead of the industry. Please contact us to learn more about our facility and techniques for how we conduct our testing and quality control for our products. See our COA’s and testing history here:

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